Monday, May 6, 2019

Senior Portrait

I Love the Way the photo has some light features and how dark it gets when it hits the rocks

The Red I Love The Red

The Two Bars really give this photo a 'NANI" Style

Classic Senior Portrait

I Like this photo because there really isn't anything else going on in the photo except for Leo Throwing his Cap

I Like this Photo Because it looks natural not forced, he looks relaxed and looks like he's having fun
Another Photo That I Like, I Like How the Background is more in the picture

I Like this just because of how Leo is placed, and how he is looking out

This Photos Speaks for it self on why I like it, it's mostly because how The Photo turned out because one empty side and the other is the senior

This One Is really light, and its really cool on how it turned out, and I know its dark, but it adds to the photo.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Meme Band

The Meme Band
This is one of the member of the meme of a band, the Robert G. Cole Band, and I find this photo the most greatest photo of all photos that I took on Monday, it is a picture of Ethan just messing around with Spoons, I find it amazing just because of how it shows what we do in the band, cause this is basically all we do, is mess around, I wish I had my camera whenever Ryan was walking around with a Tuba Hula Hoop and a Sousaphone Bell on his head, but this is good enough, it was a great day when I took this cause we were all hyped or today (Wednesday) for UIL Competition. Band is a really funny period cause we have a lot of jokesters in the band, and this is the best one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Movie Poster

This is my horror movie poster, I needed it to be dark cause well I need it it to as dark as Lights Out and Friday the 13th, most horror movie posters have some kind of light which is why I have my Light exposure photo as the "O" in the word "Gone". I wanted it to be there because I wanted to be extra so if this was a movie the "O" would be a cult symbol which is why it's glowing red because it has brought a demon from below and it ended up possessing the person on the bottom (Me) and he ended up killing all of his other classmates who were in the cult as well. The shadow was made by one of my attempts for the background and I cut my self out, set it to overlay and changed the opacity to 62.  (The insanity is supposed to mean on how he was pushed to sacrifice himself to the demon, causing him to go insane. Just had to make that clear (._.) ) The person in the middle (Me) is a cut out from another photo, I was originally going to use the background and me that was in the photo already but it was way to dark, and that is not how I wanted it, so I used a brighter me in another photo.  The hole is from another photo (You will see all the photos I used in the end) it was of a old Pull-Up bar behind the JROTC building. the letters have a soft light with copies of the letters with effects of Satin and an opacity of 82. I had to go through a lot of brushes because none of the brushes I downloaded lasted, so I had to find new brushes and install them, and find a new text fonts and add that to the photo (the text underneath the title). and I installed so many fonts to find the perfect horror one, when I found it I was so happy and I used it but after I finished I realized that there were a lot more better horror themed fonts, and then I just realized I spent so much time on one font when there was a better font to use. (oof)

Here are the photos I used for my Movie Poster:
Shadow Demon in the Movie Poster

Me in the Middle of the Poster

Original Background

The hole the people are looking through in the poster.

The "O" in the Photo.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

ATPI Photos

I have learned a lot about photography and It's shown me for 3 years that there is more to this world then school shootings, mail bombs, and other horrible things in this world and it's one of the things I actually like to do (Besides Video Games and Music), I have a bunch of photos but I need to travel more to get better photos and I know that the Romanian Carta Monastery has little to no photos taken of it, and thanks to watching "The Nun" it will be a really good photography location which is why I want to go there to be the one of the few that has taken photos of the area.
Time Exposure- This is my "Red Circle" Photo, I got the Name from the T.V. Show Riverdale and I love it, it came out as a really cool Time Exposure photo, even though it took me at least an hour to get it perfect, but in the end it came out amazing, The Center of the Circle is the coolest part because of the glow it has on it, and it just pops out.
Landscape- This is my "Louisiana Light" photo, and I took this photo last year in Louisiana during a flood and the light was a street light about a really dirty water stream but the flood raised the water up to the trees and covered up most houses (Thank god my Grandparents live in a raised house so we were on top and above the water) and this Light looked amazing when we were originally trying to take a photo of the moon, but I noticed the light and tried to take a photo of it, We had a long shutter speed so that is what gave the starburst effect f the light, but in my opinion it actually came out pretty good. I have had a few editing touches and gave the image a little tint, the White light on the tree and in the water was part of the original photo and I couldn't fix it, but the photo came out great. This is a Landscape Photo btw.

Portfolio- This is my Portfolio called "The Light and Dark of the Books" and I think I did pretty well, but I'm not quite so sure about it, but it seems like a good portfolio it took a long time to think about these photos and when they finally came in mind I set them up and shot it, It was a little bit of editing as the rest of the photos are natural and think thats really cool on how it is it's original photo with little to no editing.

Informal Portrait- Just a regular portrait of Dylan, with Clarity up a little bit and highlights taken down a bit.

Monday, October 15, 2018

New Photos From The Field Trip

One of my top two Artistic Architecture photos, I though it came out great, and I love how the edges are all dark, This photo sorta tells a story of the Pearl, with the buildings to the Left and the Crane in the Center, to me it talks about the building in the area, and I like how it tells a story. 

This is one of my best Splash/Water photos that I have taken, the time the photo was taken my shutter speed was at least 1/5000 so I thought this was pretty cool on how it turned out like this. All I did for the photo was turn up the contrast giving it this final result.

Another Artistic Architecture photo, its an oil painting done in topaz, I thought it came out amazing and it was so detailed, I went with it, this is the Final Product with barely any Lightroom edits, only Topaz Edits. 

This was an Architecture Photo I took at Mission San Jose, I turned up the Contrast and brought up lighting giving it that Empty Tone, and turned up saturation a tiny bit for blue.

This was taken at the Pearl, I grabbed Dylan and gave him my guitar and I took multiple photos from different angles trying to find the perfect type of portrait and this was what came out of it, this amazing photo, I turned it into ATPI as a Portrait, I think it came out great after editing it, which all i did was turn up clarity and turn down some really bright colors and this was the final product, and it looks amazing in my opinion.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Best Five Photos/Memes

This was one of my favorites because you can see the chalk chunks and powder, thanks to Lino Tripp for helping with this photo by tossing the chalk. After taking this photo I put it in Lightroom and turned up the contrast to 15 and turn the image brightness down a little which gave the photo this type of look.

This photo is the greatest photo I've ever taken.  The origin story of the photo is quite simple, Me and my mother went to Louisiana to visit my grandmother (Who was in the hospital) and we stayed over in my grandparents house, it was a bad time to go because the whole place was flooded and water was everywhere the Street Light in the photo was just one of the many things that was taken over by the flood but when I looked at the light I saw something and wanted to take a photo of it. The Camera I used was a Nikon D7500. Not Much editing was need because it looked good without any editing so I just left it alone.

 Another Chalk Photo, again Thanks to Lino for the Idea, This one Lino had chalk in his hand and slammed it on the ground giving it this kind of look. All I had to do was increase the Contrast and Shadows, then cropped it to where you see Lino's Hand. That was all to this Photo.

 This was my first and only black and white photo, I took the photo because it seemed Interesting and adjusted the saturation to -100 to give the black and white feeling to it, and it ended up being really good I couldn't make another Black and White photo like this again even to save my life... I understand why I turned to memes for mental Help.

This is my favorite flow photo that I've taken, all I did was put these purple flowers in between the two rocks and take the photo. and this is how it ended up, I turned up the Contrast lowered the brightness, and added color to the purple and this is how it ended up.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Color Painting

Color Painting:
This is my Louisiana Light photo just made took as if it were painted, I took out the Chair that was in the middle of the photo, expanded the flooded water, and combined two trees on the right to look like a large tree on the right.