Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Movie Poster

This is my horror movie poster, I needed it to be dark cause well I need it it to as dark as Lights Out and Friday the 13th, most horror movie posters have some kind of light which is why I have my Light exposure photo as the "O" in the word "Gone". I wanted it to be there because I wanted to be extra so if this was a movie the "O" would be a cult symbol which is why it's glowing red because it has brought a demon from below and it ended up possessing the person on the bottom (Me) and he ended up killing all of his other classmates who were in the cult as well. The shadow was made by one of my attempts for the background and I cut my self out, set it to overlay and changed the opacity to 62.  (The insanity is supposed to mean on how he was pushed to sacrifice himself to the demon, causing him to go insane. Just had to make that clear (._.) ) The person in the middle (Me) is a cut out from another photo, I was originally going to use the background and me that was in the photo already but it was way to dark, and that is not how I wanted it, so I used a brighter me in another photo.  The hole is from another photo (You will see all the photos I used in the end) it was of a old Pull-Up bar behind the JROTC building. the letters have a soft light with copies of the letters with effects of Satin and an opacity of 82. I had to go through a lot of brushes because none of the brushes I downloaded lasted, so I had to find new brushes and install them, and find a new text fonts and add that to the photo (the text underneath the title). and I installed so many fonts to find the perfect horror one, when I found it I was so happy and I used it but after I finished I realized that there were a lot more better horror themed fonts, and then I just realized I spent so much time on one font when there was a better font to use. (oof)

Here are the photos I used for my Movie Poster:
Shadow Demon in the Movie Poster

Me in the Middle of the Poster

Original Background

The hole the people are looking through in the poster.

The "O" in the Photo.


  1. Love your Poster, very dark and scary. Fits your personality.

  2. I like your poster it's very scary movie like.

  3. This is honestly a really cool movie poster. I like how you decided to make it scary looking and the effects look really cool.

  4. Great poster man just a tad bit to dark for me

  5. I like the dark theme and how you incorporated the writing into the poster.